The C4WS Welfare Service was developed in 2007 – two years after we started offering emergency shelter in the winter. This came about because it was obvious that as life saving as it was to give a bed to someone for the night and to offer hospitality and food it just wasn’t enough. People needed more.

Through our variety of schemes that we now offer, at the heart of everything is a person centred approach – treating each person as an individual and developing a welfare plan alongside that person so they feel that they are taking ownership of their decisions and ultimately their lives. We are there to guide, support and offer professional advice.

We offer support around:

  • Helping people make benefit claims

  • Housing referrals

  • Accessing healthcare services

  • Obtaining ID

  • Accessing training and education schemes

  • Applying for and securing employment

We work in partnership with specialist agencies in Camden where we are able to refer people for support around mental health, substance misuse, various addictions and physical health issues.