C4WS Homeless Project has always been passionate about providing holistic welfare and long-term support for our guests beyond solely helping them find housing.

As part of this commitment – and responding to the demand from more than 60% of guests in our 2017/18 shelter requesting assistance with finding work - we recently set up a Jobs Club to help guests support themselves and move on with their lives once they have left the shelters.

The Jobs Club has a dual purpose of aiming to get people job-ready (e.g. creating a CV, understanding where and how to apply for work, learning useful interview techniques) and supporting those actively looking for work into accessing training, work experience, volunteering placements and employment.

The Jobs Club is linked in with many local companies, agencies and employers to offer a range of opportunities to our guests. If you – or your company is interested in partnering with us please contact sam@c4wshomelessproject.org