Sunday Club

The Sunday Club helped me relax and not think about going through a rough time. I loved talking to volunteers and playing social games.

For shelter season 15, C4WS was able to offer an additional drop-in space for our shelter guests based out of The Living Centre in Somerstown.

Our steering group, made up of former C4WS shelter guests, had identified the need for an additional service open to guests, to run on a Sunday, a day when the vast majority of other services are closed.

The ethos of Sunday Club was to provide a safe and warm space for our guests to relax, as well as offering laundry facilities, art and cooking sessions and access to TV/movies. Sunday is traditionally a day of rest and for spending time with loved ones. Sadly, for most of our guests, this kind of Sunday is not an option.

Attendance to the club steadily increased over the course of the shelter season, as it was open to both current and former guests, who continued to make use of the services provided there as well as catching up over a cuppa and a cheese toastie!

I was able to use laptops and free Wi-Fi, wash my clothes, talk, to volunteers, play fun games, and forget about being homeless for 4 hours.

We are looking for volunteers to assist us with the running of the club during the next season, so if this is something you are interested in learning more about, please contact