Home From Home

In 2017 C4WS developed and launched a new project called Home From Home to extend the support we provide to those people experiencing homelessness. 

Home From Home is a hosting project whereby volunteers with spare bedrooms provide these to guests from our night shelter for a short term period whilst they waiting to move into accommodation. 

We launched a pilot project in our 2017/2018 winter night shelter which resulted in 221 nights of accommodation provided by our hosts. This equated to an extra 10% of nights of emergency respite accommodation. This season, we provided an extra 110 nights accommodation to those who most needed it.

Hosting is a warm, inclusive and supported means of helping people in need in a tangible and affirmative way that makes a real and lasting difference. It can be fun getting to know someone new, experiencing different cultures and playing an important role in enabling someone to get back on their feet.

Our hosts and guests report that this is a rewarding and fulfilling experience:

‘We found Eric to be a very pleasant guest. He was ready to help in any way he could and was sensitive to our way of life. We were glad for him that with C4WS’s help he found accommodation of his own quite soon but we missed him when he left!’

‘Leah moved out today, having been able to sort out a lot in her new accommodation over the weekend. She seemed positive and I hope that she is now firmly on an upward trajectory and gaining in confidence.’

‘To Sally, my wonderful host as part of Home from Home…I was glad to be there for you, as much as you were there for me, as we both came through our own challenges thanks to the other’s support.’

‘We’ve now hosted a couple times and found it to be a fantastic scheme. Well organised, managed efficiently and incredibly enriching for our household.’

‘It was my best day ever in London. Thank you and thank you for presenting me to my hosts. They are awesome. What we did made me completely happy. Thanks a lot.’

Volunteer hosts of Home From Home are supported throughout the process by the C4WS Welfare Team and if you require any further information about what hosting might involve please don’t hesitate to contact us on admin@c4wshomelessproject.org