Donate Items to C4WS

We are very grateful to anyone wishing to donate goods for use by our shelter guests.
Our needs at any given time are subject to change, but the following list details the items we are generally able to make use of, and those we cannot. If you are interested in donating goods to the project, please email us to find out what we are currently looking for at:

Second Hand Items

Most useful: Good-quality walking boots / waterproof leather boots 
Waterproof jackets: ponchos, light-weight rain coats 
Warm winter men’s coats 
We have a far lower need for women’s coats and currently have a large supply in stock 
Backpacks with shoulder straps 
Men’s suits and shirts for our Jobs Club work wardrobe.

Also useful: Winter jumpers and cardigans 
Shirts, t-shirts etc. for wearing under jumpers 
Good-condition vests and thermal underwear 
Scarves, winter hats, gloves etc.

New items

Underpants (male and female) 
Warm, thick socks and tights 
Toiletries, particularly mens toiletries and moisturiser
Sanitary products 
Survival Bag 
Wet Wipes

Items we can’t make use of

Bedding: second-hand duvets, pillows, bed linen and towels; blankets, sheets etc 
Each shelter venue has its own supply of bedding, and we are able to provide our guests with brand new bedding sets when they move into accommodation thanks to provision by the Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust 
Clothing that guests can’t practically make use of: e.g. evening wear 
Second-hand underwear or clothing in poor condition.