Sunday Club Volunteers

Sunday Club is a new weekend drop in to be used by the guests staying at the C4WS Winter Night Shelter. It will be open each Sunday from 10am – 2pm between 11th November 2018- 31st March 2019 (except Christmas week) and will be based at a location in the Kings Cross area.

Sunday is traditionally a day of rest and for spending time with loved ones. Sadly, for most of our guests, this kind of Sunday is not an option. The ethos of Sunday Club is to provide a safe and warm space for our guests to relax, as well as offering laundry facilities, art and cooking sessions and access to TV/movies.

We are looking for volunteers to assist us with the running of the club - including laundry rota, room management, companionship for guests.

If this is something you are interested in learning more about, please contact