The C4WS Mentoring and Befriending Scheme was set up in 2010. We recognised that to some guests the prospect of leaving the shelter and its community to a private tenancy could be a lonely and frightening experience. Challenges such as paying bills and dealing with a landlord can be hard to deal with and could lead to the person abandoning their tenancy.

Our trained mentors meet with their assigned mentee weekly for 6 months and assist guests to reach a state of sustainable independent living

A mentor can support people around any or all of the following:

  • Life skills support which will centre on independent living skills e.g. learning how to cook,

  • Tenancy support (including how to pay bills and budgeting)

  • Employment support – helping to apply for jobs, writing CV’s and interview techniques

  • Educational support – Helping to apply for courses and contributing financially towards educational materials and course fees.

  • Addressing the issue of homelessness and how to stay out of the cycle of homelessness

  • Social support

If you are interested in becoming a C4WS mentor and befriender please email